Ledo - Polcini

Leading Jewelry was a named used by Ralph Polcini for his wonderful line started in the 1900's. Renamed Ledo in 1949, and then again renamed Polcini in 1960, it is a less often found signature. Like other lines their pieces range from simple to elaborate; their high end pieces are very desirable.

Description: Magnificent Ledo Clear Rhinestone Bracelet - Ledo is a difficult to find brand that commands much deserved respect and when you see this bracelet you will know why. Eight clear rhinestone encrusted links, connected by rhinestone set connectors, help this piece conform beautifully to your wrist. Foldover clasp, heavy rhodium plating, 7 3/4" x 3/4". Absolutely beautiful.

Item: SB1-298

Price: $129.50 US

Sorry, SOLD!


Description: Ledo "Tank Track" Bracelet with All Clear Rhinestones - Substanial bracelet with heavy rhodium plating, hidden foldover clasp. 7 1/8" long, 1/2" wide. Multiple links make this fit beautifully. 148 stones, all but one is original. Excellent quality piece.

Item: SB12-332

Price: $59.50 US


Description: Ledo Heart Link "Tennis" Bracelet - Ledo, a signature used by the Policini company, is not a commonly found brand, and always seems to be of excellent quality. This is a nice weight, with heavy rhodium plating and 17 links for a beautiful fit. About 7 1/2" x 5/16". This came to us missing one stone, and as it was not possible to match the existing clears, I have completely restoned the piece. Foldover clasp.

Item: SB9-601

Price: $29.50 US

Sorry, SOLD!


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